Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing to do, but for most new mothers and babies it does not come naturally.  We encourage new mother's to make an appointment and learn "how" to breastfeed before delivery.  Spending a little time learning about what happens after delivery can help ensure a more successful start to breastfeeding.

Western Montana Clinic Pediatric Department is here to help you before and after your baby arrives.

We offer information on breastfeeding education and support.  

  • Benefits of breastfeeding

  • How to get started breastfeeding

  • Correct latching methods

  • Nipple discomfort and relief

  • Increasing your milk supply

  • Should you have a feeding schedule?

  • Breast milk pumping, expression and storage

  • Mom's returning to work

  • Special concerns

We encourage you to contact your provider right away if you and your baby are having any of the following issues:

  • 1st time breastfeeding mother

  • Inability to latch or difficulty latching

  • Nipples or breasts are sore or cracked

  • NICU or premature baby

  • Weight loss in the infant

  • Prior breast surgery

  • Use of a nipple shield or supplemental nursing system is necessary

  • Low milk supply or milk has not come in by 3 days post-delivery

  • Engorgement

  • Plugged ducts or mastitis - tell the appointment staff when you call or your appointment

 Your WMC Pediatric Provider is available for you  24 / 7 / 365 - just call our number 406-721-5600 day or night.