Are you looking for a fun project? Western Montana Clinic is seeking volunteers to appear in a commercial that will be shot this spring and will air in 2017.  You do not need to have professional acting experience, just flexibility and a good attitude. 

We will offer a $50 honorarium per shooting session for those chosen.

If interested, please send an email to with the information below:

•    State which role (from the list below) you are interested in playing
•    Include your full name (and your child’s name if applicable), phone number, and email.
•    Include the best time of day to contact you or your parent/guardian
•    Include your schedule availability: What days/hours of the week would you be available to shoot the commercial? 
•    Include a photo – JPEG only please

Who we are seeking: 

Young girl – age 4 - 7
Adult man age 20 – 35
Adult woman - age 20 – 40
Adult man – age 20 - 40
Adult woman – age 25 - 45
Adult woman – age 25 - 50
Adult man age 30 - 45