Do I need to schedule an appointment?
No, Now Care are walk-in facilities that sees patients on a first-come, first-served basis. Wait time will depend on patients before you. Times can vary throughout the day, however, most wait times are relatively short.

Does Now Care accept insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare?
Yes, we accept and bill most insurances including Medicare and Montana Medicaid. Your co-pay will depend on your insurance benefit. Please contact your insurance company should you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage benefits such as your deductible.

I think I need an x-ray, do I have to go to the emergency room or a specialty clinic? 
Both Now Care locations have x-ray and lab capabilities on site so there is no need to go to the emergency room or specialty clinic.  

Is Now Care staffed with physicians, physician assistants or nurse practitioners?
Both of our facilities have a board-certified physician on duty at all times.  A physician assistant and/or nurse practitioner are on duty durning our peak hours in order to accommodate patient needs.

How long will I wait to be seen?
It depends on how many people have come in before you.  Waiting times vary throughout the day and most visits take a relatively short period of time.  We appreciate your patience and pledge to provide effective service and professional care.

How does Now Care work with my primary care physician or specialist at Western Montana Clinic?
Our providers have access to a secure electronic medical record, allowing providers to view all the records created at both Now Care locations, Western Montana Clinic and St. Patrick Hospital. This includes notes, medications, allergies and diagnostic testing no matter which location you visit or which provider you see.

Do you treat infants and children?
Now Care treats people of all ages, 0 - 120! 

Can I get my flu shot at my visit?
Now Care does not give any immunizations including flu shots.  Please see your primary care provider or pediatrician.

What types of physicals are offered?
Now Care is for urgent care only.  We do not offer any physicals or routine treatment for long term health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. We believe every patient deserves a primary care provider or pediatrician to follow and monitor their health.